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2008-04-04 22:24:51 by lordjanemba

I dont know if you guys heard about, or saw a crappy movie of an "artist" called


Well, that happens to be me... yes.

now if you look at one of those CRAPPY (very crappy i must say) flashes, you can still see my drawing style, but very crappy... i repeat xD.

im planning on remaking my series, from scratch and with better quality, and im posting about it just in case you see them, so you dont think i stole the flash.


Well, im making a part for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fight Collab... i hope it turns out well :P

nothing much to say, i just hate so see the same post everytime i enter my acc page ^^

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fight Collab

That classic gaming era

2008-01-20 22:43:34 by lordjanemba

It was a boring day, like 2 weeks ago, i went to live with my sis because school is on a city in where she lives, anyways, she has no internet, only me and my laptop, and weather sucked (too cold) like to play sports or stuff... i just watched TV that day, until my brother-in-law gave me a CD with a bunch of ol' SNES games, i was not that exited ("oh well, lets get through that yoshi island game again" i thought) and then i saw something that got my attention, i like biology and stuff so the name E.V.O: Search for Eden made me like stop and press the "Run" button.

The game was good, really good if we think about the time it was done, like a spiritual SPORE prequel, with a more specified goal, hell i love that game, lots of customization and options... Anyways, that got me thinking about all those good games, those old times where interaction and ability meant more than just graphics and Hardware specifications.

Im not saying that today's gaming industry is not better, i enjoy games like the Guitar Hero trilogy, Halo 3, GTA IV, The Sims, Dragonball Z BT Series, and many others, but what im trying to say here is that that ol' school games have that escense...

The problem is that, like in EVO's case, they are EXTREMELY underrated, i mean, is that kind of games that you never heard of, but when you play them, you can feel that "ARG i was about to defeat it!" feeling that comes with the old console games (no memory cards existed back in the day).

Im finishing this, saying thank you for taking your time reading this, and making mention of some good games that were underrated but made me have very good times.

-E.V.O: Search for Eden-Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
-Megaman X4
-Dragon Ball Legends-Street Fighter II
-Mortal Kombat II-Sonic the hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
-Star Fox 64

Which of this games made you have good times? Do you have the opportunity to play them now? (on the original console, not on the WII arcade) Which other games made you feel that great challenge?


That classic gaming era

Hellvia in progress

2008-01-04 11:24:08 by lordjanemba

thats right, my new project, named hellvia is on the road, and i already got some help, expect it around may-june its gonna kick ass.

Hellvia in progress

Metal 2

2007-11-20 23:59:33 by lordjanemba

after 2 days of work Metal Treasure is ready to see the light

hope it passes LOL


Metal recog. 1 is out

2007-11-18 20:16:41 by lordjanemba

yay my short series has begun, i think the second one will be ready around december 20 cuz im one lazy guy, LOL. thanks for checking my page btw.

Metal recog. 1 is out


2007-09-16 15:18:01 by lordjanemba

why does everybody think that my only purpose on life is to fuck kitty kew? they dont even deserve my time, i was (and i am still) pretty pissed off because when i finally post my animation, a random KK animation is gonna beat the hell out of it...

Random randomness

2007-09-04 01:15:52 by lordjanemba

after lots (and i mean LOTS) of time after i got my acc in here, ill start posting animations, u dont like them? then dyh!!!