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2007-09-16 15:18:01 by lordjanemba

why does everybody think that my only purpose on life is to fuck kitty kew? they dont even deserve my time, i was (and i am still) pretty pissed off because when i finally post my animation, a random KK animation is gonna beat the hell out of it...


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2007-09-16 15:20:01

Well, That happened to me with the SS but hey just ignore thier asses and move on. There's nothing I can give you other than that. Otherwise, Tough luck!!


2007-09-25 00:39:44

duuuuuude thank you i hate the kk >:[ they're a waste of bandwidth on the site dude -.- idk every time i even try to get on the kitty krew for their animations i get banned or my comment is removed :\ i dont think its really worth it, make a worthy animation, show that you a step above those dip shits, me? i was already talking about making a hate toon towards the kk xD